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Phoenix :: View topic - Copying Interlude info to public server

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:07 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome to the Interlude Public Test Server! Please use the patch notes below when testing Interlude to read about new features. Reply in this thread for general gameplay bugs you encounter with the game or the patch notes. We appreciate your time!

Character Changes

The amount of experience points reduced upon player character death has been changed. The amount is unchanged for levels 1-75. After level 76, the amount will be reduced as the character's level increases.

When a chaotic character dies, their chance of incurring the penalty for death has been greatly increased.

The value of the penalty for death (reduced combat capability) has been increased.

Weapon Augmentation

A weapon augmentation system has been added to enable players to add new bonuses to their weapons with the help of a Blacksmith. A Life Stone and Gemstones will be required for each augmentation. You can augment weapons through the Blacksmith NPC of every village, except in the starting villages for each race and Gludin Village.

All weapons that are C Grade through S Grade can be augmented. C Grade and B Grade weapons require Gemstone D, and A Grade and S Grade weapons need Gemstone C.

Life Stones can be acquired from hunting monsters. There is a higher chance of obtaining a high-level Life Stone from raid/boss monster rather than from an ordinary monster. A Life Stone shows the level of the character who can use it.

A Life Stone must correspond with the grade of the weapon to be augmented. For example, a level 46 Life Stone cannot be used on an A Grade weapon, but a level 76 Life Stone can be used on a C Grade weapon.

For the augmentation order, select the weapon to be augmented, the Life Stone, and Gemstones in the Augment window. Drag and drop the items from the inventory to add them to the Augment window. Click the Augment button.

Blacksmith NPCs can also remove augmentations, and a fee is assessed during the process.

The bonus granted during augmentation is random, determined by the levels of the Life Stone and the weapon. The success rate is 100%.

The types of bonuses are as follows:

* Increased basic abilities (STR, CON, INT, MEN)
* Increased battle values (P. Atk., P. Def., M. Atk., Accuracy, etc.)
* Additional skill (Active, Passive, Chance skill)

The bonus will not take effect when the augmented weapon has a higher grade than the character’s expertise level.

When a weapon is augmented, a prefix will be added to the weapon name.

The augmented weapon cannot be exchanged, dropped, traded, sold, freighted, or deposited in the clan warehouse. However, private warehouse storage is possible. An item that has had its augmentation removed can be transferred normally.

Weapons with special abilities or an enchantment can be augmented. It is also possible to add a special ability or to enchant augmented items.

Even if you remove a weapon’s augmentation, the special ability or enchant status will not change.

When a bonus is added while augmenting with a Life Stone that is above mid-grade, the weapon will glow.

An augmented weapon cannot be used for crafting dual swords.

An augmented weapon cannot be used to trade with the Blacksmith of Mammon.


New Skills

Second Class

* Banish Seraph (55): Dark Avenger, Shillien Knight
* Shock Stomp (55): Warlord
* Invocation (56): Bishop, Elder, Shillien Elder
* Aura Flash (5: Sorcerer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler
* Escape Shackle (60): Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker
* Sonic Move (62): Gladiator
* Summon Attract Cubic (62): Temple Knight
* Celestial Shield (64): Bishop
* Break Duress (66): Tyrant
* Summon Swoop Cannon (6: Warsmith

Third Class

* Battle Stance (77): All warrior classes
* Spell Stance (77): All Wizard classes
* Braveheart (7: Dreadnought, Duelist, Titan, Fortune Seeker, Maestro
* Force Meditation (7: Grand Khavatari
* Pa'agrio’s Emblem (7: Dominator
* Gate Chant (7: Doomcryer
* Inner Rhythm (7: Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer
* Knighthood (7: Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva’s Templar, Shillien Templar
* Master of Combat (7: Dreadnought, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Fortune Seeker, Maestro, Duelist
* Archery (7: Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel
* Assassination (7: Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter
* Arcane Roar (7: Archmage, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer
* Necromancy (7: Soultaker
* Summon Roar (7: Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master
* Divine Roar (7: Cardinal, Hierophant, Eva’s Saint, Shillien Saint, Dominator, Doomcryer
* Song of Silence (79): Sword Muse
* Soul of the Phoenix (79): Phoenix Knight
* Shield of Revenge (79): Hell Knight
* Sonic Barrier (79): Duelist
* Force Barrier (79): Grand Khavatari
* Mirage (79): Adventurer
* Dodge (79): Wind Rider
* Counter Attack (79): Ghost Hunter
* Summon Feline King (79): Arcana Lord
* Summon Magnus the Unicorn (79): Elemental Master
* Summon Spectral Knight (79): Spectral Master
* Cleanse (7: Cardinal
* Salvation (79): Cardinal
* Mystic Immunity (79): Hierophant
* Spell Turning (79): Hierophant
* Magnus’ Chant (79): Doomcryer
* Victories of Pa’agrio (79): Dominator
* Pa'agrio’s Fist (79): Dominator
* Symbol of Defense (80): Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva’s Templar, Shillien Templar
* Symbol of Noise (80): Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer
* Symbol of Resistance (80): Titan, Fortune Seeker
* Symbol of the Fist (80): Dreadnought, Maestro
* Symbol of Energy (80): Duelist, Grand Khavatari
* Symbol of the Sniper (80): Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel
* Symbol of the Assassin (80): Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter
* Volcano (80): Archmage
* Cyclone (80): Storm Screamer
* Raging Waves (80): Mystic Muse
* Gehenna (80): Soultaker
* Day of Doom (80): Soultaker
* Anti-Summoning Field (80): Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master
* Purification Field (80): Cardinal
* Miracle (80): Cardinal
* Flames of Invincibility (80): Dominator
* Mass Recharge (80): Eva’s Saint, Shillien Saint

Dispel skills have a chance of nullifying Force Barrier, Sonic Barrier, and Celestial Shield.

The re-use time for the following skills is not affected by the caster's Casting Speed: Invocation, Celestial Shield, Salvation, Soul of the Phoenix, Symbol of Defense, Symbol of Noise, Symbol of Resistance, Symbol of Honor, Symbol of Energy, Symbol of the Sniper, Symbol of the Assassin, Volcano, Cyclone, Raging Wages, Day of Doom, Gehenna, Anti-Summoning Field, Purification Field, Miracle, Flames of Invincibility, Mass Recharge.

Spellbooks for Celestial Shield, Invocation, Summon Attract Cubic, Aura Flash, and Summon Swoop Cannon can be purchased at the Rune, Goddard or Ivory Tower spellbook shops. Players have a chance to buy them every hour.

Swoop Cannon

Player characters who reach level 68 of the Warsmith class will gain access to the Swoop Cannon, a new siege summon. The Swoop Cannon is a siege servitor designed for attack. It cannot be used to defend. It is different from previous siege servitors in that it can use its skill without switching modes.

It can be summoned only within the Siege War Zone.

46 A Grade Crystals are required for the initial summoning. After it is summoned, B Grade Gemstones are continuously consumed at a rate of 21 per minute.

The Swoop Cannon’s attack goes in the direction it is facing, regardless of whether a target has been selected. Its ranged attack fires in a parabolic arc. All players and NPCs who are near where its shots land — allies, enemies and neutral parties alike — will incur damage. When a shot falls on an ordinary field (non-siege zone), battleground, or the border area of an ordinary field, it damages players on the ordinary field and it incurs a PK penalty.

Shots cannot damage castle walls, doors, or headquarters.

The Swoop Long Shot and Swoop Middle Shot skills cannot be used inside a castle, along the castle wall area, nor outside a battleground.

Flash Gunpowder is consumed during attack. Flash Gunpowder can be purchased in the Town of Schuttgart and Rune Township.

The Swoop Cannon disappears when it is defeated.

Castle-Owning Clan Skills

New skills have been added to a circlet that can be equipped by clan members who control a castle, and to a crown that can be equipped by a castle lord.

The Lord’s Crown can be obtained from the Chamberlain, and each castle’s circlet can be purchased from the Chamberlain. Also, Academy members have been changed so that they cannot equip a castle circlet.

Residential Shock Immunity: Greatly but temporarily increases resistance to shock attacks.

Clan Gate: Creates a gate for summoning clan members. The caster cannot move while the gate is in effect. The Clan Gate skill is located in the active skill window when the Lord’s Crown is equipped. When the lord’s skill is used, a summoning field is created near the lord, and the lord is put into an immobile state. At that time, a system message stating that a Gate has been created appears to all clan members who are logged on. For 2 minutes, clan members can speak with the Court Magician inside the castle and teleport to the lord’s location.

The skill is located in the active skill window when the item is equipped.

When ownership of the necessary castle is lost, the item automatically disappears and the skill is also lost.

Changes to Existing Skills

The power of Stun Shot has been slightly increased.

The requirements for casting Benediction have been changed from HP 25% to MP 25%.

Mana Burn and Mana Storm now awaken a target under the Sleep effect.

The effects for the following skills have been decreased. (Maximum damage effect during a critical attack)

* Death Whisper, Fire Dance, Eye of Pa'agrio, Chant of Rage

Elven Elders and Shillien Elders, classes that possess the Recharge skill, are no longer affected by Recharge.

The Wizard class attack spells have been changed to allow the target a chance to defend against the following:

* Wind Strike, Aqua Swirl, Twister, Blaze, Death Spike, Prominence, Ice Dagger, Hurricane

The Greater Heal skills and Chant of Life/Heart of Pa’agrio magic effects have been changed to permit receiving the effects at the same time. You can now receive both effects at the same time. Also, a continuous heal buff is placed in the buff slot.

The location of a healing potion’s effect has been changed from the buff slot to a healing potion slot.

A Bishop who has trained level 11 in the Major Heal skill can now use skill enchantment.

The fleeing effect of Curse Fear and Horror has been changed to now affect players.

The effect of Soulshots on melee attack skills has been greatly increased.

The Magical Backfire skill’s effect has been increased.

The effects of the following skills have been greatly increased.

* Whirlwind, Thunder Storm, Hammer Crash, Soul Breaker, Tribunal, Judgment, Armor Crush, Shock Blast

When using a skill after using Soulshot, you can now inflict more damage than before. (Not using a Soulshot has the same effect as before.)

* Power Strike, Power Shot, Stunning Shot, Stun Attack, Iron Punch, Stunning Fist, Sting, Wild Sweep, Power Smash, Triple Slash, Double Shot, Burst Shot, Spinning Slash, Thunder Storm, Punch of Doom, Poison Blade Dance, Sword Symphony, Fatal Strike, Hammer Crash, Burning Fist, Soul Breaker, Crush of Doom, Strider Siege Assault, Lethal Shot, Sonic Rage, Force Rage, Earthquake, Spoil Crush, Hamstring Shot, Shock Blight, Armor Crush, Evade Shot, Tribunal, Judgment, Psycho Symphony, Demon Blade Dance, Double Sonic Slash, Sonic Blaster, Sonic Storm, Sonic Buster, Triple Sonic Slash

The following skills can now be enchanted:

* Tribunal, Judgment, Arrest, Shackle, Mass Shackle, Banish Undead, Critical Blow, Mortal Strike, Stealth, Sand Bomb, Mass Curse Fear, Mass Curse Gloom, Trance, Erase, Magical Backfire, Mana Burn, Mana Storm, Turn Undead, Major Heal, Major Group Heal, Summon Swoop Cannon, Shock Stomp, Aura Flash, Banish Holy

The success rates for the following skills have been increased:

* Seal of Chaos, Seal of Poison, Seal of Winter, Seal of Flame, Seal of Gloom, Seal of Mirage

The effect of the Deflect Arrow skill levels 2, 3 and 4 have been greatly increased.

The success rate of the Serenade of Eva skill has been increased, and the re-use delay has been greatly increased.

The effects and use requirements for Sonic Buster, Sonic Storm, Force Burst, and Force Storm have been changed. The focus use requirement has been raised by 1.

The character becomes semi-invisible when using the Silent Move, Chameleon Rest, Shadow Dance, and Stealth skills.

Primeval Isle

The Primeval Isle, an island full of unknown creatures, has been added to the south of Rune Township. It can be reached by ferry from Rune Harbor, or by swimming.

The island is for hunting by the highest levels of players.

Players can take on monsters to increase the level of a Soul Crystal (stage 11 and 12), a clan reputation quest, and a quest to find a new ingredient for an A Grade Weapon. These new quests are described under Quests below.

The Boss Monster is a beast known as Sailren. In order to enter Sailren’s lair, you must take on the “Attack Sailren!” quest.

You can obtain Blue, Green and Red Primitive Crystals by hunting monsters. Primitive Crystals can be used to add 50,000, 100,000 or 200,000 points to your SP.

The Tyrannosaurus can go into a frenzy during battle. Use of the Trap skill during frenzy makes them easier for hunting. This is described below.

An NPC located at the Primeval Isle Wharf will revive a dead party member to your location for a fee. He can summon all of your dead party members.

Escaping from the Primeval Isle area will lead to the Primeval Isle Wharf.

The Primeval Isle Wharf area is a peaceful zone.

Trapping System

A trap skill that greatly decreases the attack strength of the Primeval Isle’s Tyrannosaurus has been added.

Use of this skill requires the Elrokian Trap and Capture Stones.

Once you complete the Elrokian Hunters quest, which begins near the Primeval Isle Wharf area, you can obtain the Elrokian Trap as a reward.

Capture Stones can be purchased from the NPC who is located on remote island south of the Primeval Isle. (If you accidentally delete the Trap that you obtained from the quest, you can purchase another one from the NPC.)


A Grade top level weapons have been added. Level 12 Soul Crystals are needed to bestow a special ability on these weapons. You can obtain weapon components or recipes (60%) by taking on the Primeval Isle quests.

New hair accessories have been added: the Eye Patch, Angel Circlet, Demon Circlet, Pirate Hat, Scar, and Butterfly Hairpin. New hair accessories can be earned from the Festival of Darkness, Olympiad and certain raid bosses.

Certain items that cannot be traded or dropped can now be stored in a warehouse.

The Elixir of Mental Strength re-use delay has been decreased from 10 to 5 minutes.

The re-use delay is now the same for the Elixir of Mental Strength and Elixir of Life of the same grade. For instance, after using an A-Grade Elixir of Life, you cannot use an A Grade Elixir of Mental Strength or an A Grade Elixir of Life for 5 minutes.

When you register an elixir item in the shortcut window, the re-use delay mark will appear after its use.

Shadow Weapons

Temporary weapons with short lifespans have been added to increase access to varied weapons. A Shadow Weapon has the same abilities and appearance as an ordinary weapon, but it has a limited lifespan.

When a Shadow Weapon’s total duration or mana reaches 0, it will be removed from inventory and disappear.

The remaining duration or mana is consumed from the time the item is equipped, and the consumption ends when it is no longer equipped.

Warning: If the item is equipped and unequipped multiple times, the remaining duration or mana is consumed faster than normal. Logging in and out of the game with the weapon equipped will also decrease its duration.

As a short-term item, shadow weapons cannot be moved through trading, drop, or cargo, and it can only be stored in a private warehouse. Short-term items also cannot be enchanted, augmented, given a special ability or crystallized.

A weapon that is obtained by using a Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon has a lower total duration or mana than a Shadow Weapon bought at a weapon shop.

A Shadow Weapon can be formed from various B, C or D Grade weapons.

Players who complete a transfer quest will receive an exchange coupon that can be traded for a Shadow Weapon. Players will receive a D Grade Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon after completing the first class transfer, and a C Grade Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon after completing the second class transfer.

A Shadow Weapon exchange coupon cannot be traded, dropped or sold at a private store. If you take the Shadow Weapon exchange coupon to the grand master class NPC, you can receive a Shadow Weapon as a reward.

B and C Grade weapons can be purchased with Adena from the town’s weapon merchant.

Shadow weapons can be purchased by characters that are above level 40, and the weapon item type that can be purchased changes depending on the player’s level.

Blood Sword Akamanah

A new cursed dual sword, Blood Sword Akamanah, has been added.

The item’s creation, expiration, and PvP rules are identical to those for the Demonic Sword Zariche. The Zariche or Akamanah will automatically expire 24 hours after the final PK with the sword. A system message will show the cursed sword’s remaining time by showing how much time has passed since the final PK.

When a player that carries the Zariche or Akamanah is killed, the ratio of each sword’s drop and automatic expiration has been changed to 50:50.

When a player that carries Zariche and a player that carries Akamanah attack one another, the recipient’s CP is reduced to 0. The same rules also apply in the opposite instance.

When a player that controls Akamanah acquires Zariche, the newly-acquired Zariche automatically disappeared, and the equipped Akamanah's level increases by 1. The same rules also apply in the opposite instance.

When you acquire a cursed sword (Zariche or Akamanah), two active skills are granted. The bearer of the Zariche or Akamanah gains the skills Void Flow and Void Burst in the active skills list. The cursed weapon must be equipped in order to use these skills.


New Quests

The following new quests have been added.

Mini Games

* A Game of Cards - Level 61, Town of Aden (Warehouse Chief Klump)
* Seductive Whispers - Level 50, Town of Aden (Blacksmith Wilbert)

Clan Quests

* A Clan's Reputation - Clan Level above 5, Rune Township (Grand Magister Valdis)

Sailren of Primeval Isle

* Meeting the Elroki - Level 75, Primeval Isle Wharf (Marquez)
* In the Name of Evil – Part 1 - Level 76, Primeval Isle Southern Island (Mushika)
* In the Name of Evil – Part 2 - Level 77, Primeval Isle Southern Island (Asamah)
* Attack Sailren - Level 77, Primeval Isle Lost Nest (Shilen's Stone Statue)

Capturing Skill

* Elrokian Hunters - Level 75, Primeval Isle Wharf (Marquez)

Other Quests

* To the Primeval Isle - Level 75, Rune Township (Spellbook Seller Anton)
* Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - Level 75, Primeval Isle Wharf (Singsing)
* Defeat the Elrokian Raiders - Level 75, Primeval Isle Wharf (Dinn)
* A Powerful Primeval Creature - Level 75, Primeval Isle Wharf (Dinn)

Changes to Existing Quests

Enhance Your Weapon

Sailren and Tyrannosaurus, monsters that can increase Soul Crystals to stage 11 and 12, have been added. The party member who deals the killing strike has a chance to receive a Soul Crystal.

When a character obtains levels 11 to 13 Soul Crystals, a system message announces it to all players within a certain area.

Class Transfer Quests

You will receive an exchange coupon that can be traded for a Shadow Weapon after completing a transfer quest. You will receive a D-Grade Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon after completing the first class transfer and a C-Grade Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon after completing the second class transfer. A Shadow Weapon exchange coupon cannot be traded, dropped or sold at a private store.

After completing a transfer quest and certain other quests, the player will strike a victory pose.

In the second class transfer quest Testimony of Glory, the location of the quest-related NPC Enku Chief Kepra could overlap, so his location has been changed to the southern coast in the Dion region.

In the following third class transfer quests, the Tablet of Vision in the Ketra Orc Outpost has been relocated to the southeast of the outpost: Saga of the Duelist, Dominator, Ghost Hunter, Eva’s Saint, Spectral Master, Hell Knight, Spectral Dancer, Maestro.

Repent Your Sins

A level 80 character can no longer take on the Repent Your Sins quest, but may switch to a sub-class in order to take on this quest.


Raid Boss Monsters

The roaming raid monster Gordon has been added in the Goddard region. When Gordon sees a player that carries a cursed sword (Zariche or Akamanah), it will attack in order to steal the sword.

The appearance and speed of certain raid monsters have been changed.

If you fail against the Pagan Temple raid boss, the raid boss will now return to its original position.

When you open the Gate of Splendor to the raid boss room in the Monastery of Silence, the left and right doors have been changed to open at the same time. The doors also have been changed so that 60 seconds after they open and close, neither will open again for 30 minutes. The Gate of Splendor can no longer be opened using the Unlock skill.

The problem of the aggressive raid boss Gigantic Chaos Golem of the Pavel Ruins not attacking when a player passes by has been changed.

The forced display before Frintezza that appeared outside the Last Imperial Tomb has been changed.

Baium’s inability to kill the player that awakened it has been changed.

Raid boss Master Anays of the Monastery of Silence has been changed. If raid boss Master Anays is outside when it receives a player’s attack, it will teleport back into the room. If the raid boss is outside and its subordinate receives an attack while it is also outside, the raid boss will teleport back into the room. When the raid boss is inside the room and its subordinates are outside, if a player attacks a subordinate, the raid boss will remain in the room, and the player will only battle with the subordinates. (Subordinates do not give experience.) If the raid boss is outside when the server goes down, it will teleport back into the room.

With the fortress update, the locations of raid bosses Eye of Beleth and Kelbar have been changed, and monsters that used to appear at the fortress’ location have all been removed.

Antharas and Valakas

The HP, P. Def., and M. Def. of Antharas and Valakas have been decreased.

The appearance of the boss land dragon Antharas has been changed. Antharas’ difficulty level and reward will appear in relation to the raid participation members. The reward will increase in relation to Antharas’ difficulty level.

Antharas’ subordinate monsters have been added, and the total appearance time is decided in relation to the raid participation members.

If you defeat Antharas’ subordinate, you can obtain a useful recovery item for the raid.

Other Changes

The ordinary monsters in the following hunting grounds have been set at level 80: Pagan Temple, Monastery of Silence, Imperial Cemetery, Forge of the Gods, Dimensional Rift, Ketra/Varka Silenos Stronghold

In hunting grounds that are above level 80, the ordinary monsters have all been changed to level 80. But the monsters’ abilities and rewards remain the same as before, except for treasure chests.

Treasure chests can no longer appear in fields near a newly-added fortress. This includes the areas of the Floran Agricultural Area, Dragon Valley, Plunderous Plains, and Hunters Valley.

The experience points loss problem when a player character dies above the battlefield after mounting a wyvern has been changed.

A problem with the Dark Elf Village Gatekeeper’s social animation has been changed.

Command Channel

The former command channel window is now integrated with the main chat window.

You can chat in the command channel using the following commands. (Use the ` key beside the number 1.)

* Leader-related chatting (Each party leader’s chatting): ` [message]
* Leader's command: `` [message]

The leader’s command will appear in a screen message on the right lower side of the screen.

If you click on Hide Commander’s Chat in the chatting filter option window, located on the lower side of the chatting window scroll, the message will not appear.

A party report window that allows each party’s composition to be seen from the allies chatting window has been added.

Even without the clan skill Clan Imperium, it is possible to set up an allies channel and to send out invitations through an item, the Strategy Guide. The Strategy Guide item can be purchased in the Town of Aden, Rune Township, and the Town of Schuttgart.

When raiding a raid boss monster, the first attacking ally gains the right to be the looting leader. (A screen message displays the ally’s right to be the looting leader.)

While hunting a raid boss monster, the following requirements must be met in order to gain looting rights.

* Raid monster: More than 18 members in the command channel.
* Boss monsters (Queen Ant, Zaken, Orfen, Core, etc): More than 36 members in the command channel. When raiding Antharas, more than 225 members of the command channel must appear at Antharas' Nest in order to obtain first looting rights.

Five minutes after the battle with a raid boss monster ends, the looting right automatically changes into ordinary looting. But if another raid succeeds in hunting the same raid monster before the looting right changes into ordinary looting, the first raid obtains the looting right to that raid boss monster.

Each party’s composition and classes can be confirmed from the party report window. You can target a particular party member by double-clicking on his name.

The List Update button has been added to replace the allies channel member’s report (party number/total members).

The allies channel report window can be minimized.

Dueling System

A system that permits Player versus Player duels and party versus party duels outside of the arenas has been added.

The player can enter duels when they are not in combat.

Duels are possible regardless of the level difference between the opponents.

There is no penalty (abnormal status or experience points loss) for a defeat.

When a duel/party duel ends, the participants’ HP, MP, and CP return to what they were before the duel. All abnormal status magic incurred during the event disappear at the end of the duel.

If you click Decline Duel in the Game tab of the Options window, you can automatically decline a challenge.

One-on-One Duels

You can request a one-on-one duel by using the /duel command or the Duel icon in the Actions window.

You win the duel when your opponent’s HP reaches 1.

Each one-on-one duel is 2 minutes long.

Party versus Party Duels

You can request a party vs. party duel by using the /partyduel command or the Party Duel icon in the Actions window. A party duel challenge must be made by a party leader, but it can be made to any member of the opposing party.

When the opposing party accepts a party duel, all party members of both sides are moved to an arena.

If you don’t want to receive challenges, the party leader may check Decline Duel in the Game tab of the Options window.

Each party vs. party duel is 2 minutes long.

During a duel, all escape-related skills and items cannot be used.


If any party member is in any of the following states, that party cannot request or accept party duels.

* When in combat or duel, or chaotic state
* When participating in the Olympiad Games
* During private store or private manufacture
* When HP/MP is below 50% (including death)
* When in a siege (clan or ally participating in a siege)
* When the one challenged to a party duel is a member of the challenger's party
* When in a zone where restarting is prohibited
* When inside a siege war zone
* When the challenge requester and recipient are more than a certain distance apart
* When there is no empty space in the party-use arena
* When the challenge recipient is in an opponent’s hall during a siege
* When riding something a strider or wyvern
* When in a peace zone or battle zone


When a party in a command channel requests or accepts a party duel, that party is automatically withdrawn from the command channel.

When a party requests or accepts a party duel during party matching, it is removed from party matching.

Any trading of a party member is automatically canceled at the time he/she is moved to the party-use arena.

When a player attacks an NPC or receives an attack from an NPC during a one-on-one duel, the duel ends, and HP/MP/CP are not restored to their pre-duel levels.

Ending a Duel Early

Duels can be ended prematurely in one of the following ways:

* Use of the command /withdraw during the duel
* When the distance between players becomes too far during a duel (such that the target window disappears)
* When a player moves to an area where a duel is impossible after it begins
* When a player attacks another player first during a duel
* When a player attacks or receives an attack from an NPC during a one-on-one duel (including skill/magic)



If you click the button Enlarge Map from the default map window (Alt + M), you can enlarge the map to the size of the whole screen.

A dungeon map containing five dungeons in the beginner’s areas has been added. When you enter each dungeon, a map window will appear and show the dungeon map. These dungeons are the Abandoned Coal Mines, Cave of Trials, Elven Ruins, Elven Fortress, and School of Dark Arts.

The mini-map can track the Zariche and Akamanah, and when the two weapons are in the same place, a skull icon will appear on the mini-map.

Party Member Status Window

A party window option that enlarges or reduces the party member status window has been added on the window’s left side.

You can control Party Member View Buffs, View Debuffs and Disable Buff/Debuff by clicking the default party member View Buffs button (Alt + F).

Screen Messages

The ability to generate screen messages from various channels has been added.

Duel messages can be seen through the screen messages.

Automatic Targeting Ability

When a player isn’t targeting another opponent in the field, if he or she is attacked by an NPC or another player, targeting occurs automatically.

When a player is affected by a skill with a target removing effect, the automatic targeting ability ceases to work for about 10 seconds.

Additional Changes

When a player loses connection with the server, the player will be automatically moved to the login screen. (Previously, the player had to move there manually.)

A party matching icon that opens a party matching window has been added below the chatting window’s messenger icon.

Players cannot open their inventory while the shop or freight warehouse windows are open.

Changes to Castle Sieges

If the Seven Signs Seal of Strife is in possession, the abilities of the Nephilim Mercenary are greatly increased.

The Wild Hog Cannon’s HP has been increased.

The defending side in a siege cannot destroy the castle gates.

If the character that summons the Siege Golem does so using the Summon Trance or Gate Chant skills, the siege golem will disappear.

The Seven Signs

The entrance appearance to the ordinary Seven Signs dungeons (Catacomb of the Apostate, Catacomb of the Heretic, Catacomb of the Forbidden Path) have been changed.

When the Seven Signs Seal of Strife is possessed by the Lords of Dawn, the Revolutionaries of Dusk cannot use any siege weapons (Siege Golem, Wild Hog Cannon, Swoop Cannon).

If the Dusk controls the Seal of Strife or if there is no owner, siege weapons can be used during the siege.

Other Changes

Fortresses have been added. These fortresses will play a part in later updates of The Chaotic Throne.

The Coliseum’s arena has been changed. Unrestricted PvP is no longer permitted in the Coliseum, so please use the other arenas.

The system message window has moved from the Options window to the chatting option window.

The food consumption amount for an ordinary pet has been decreased.

Doors that cannot be destroyed, such as the castle gate and the clan hall gate, are indicated as “door” in the target window, and their HP do not appear.

Some general, Noblesse, and clan hall teleport destination coordinates have been moved to a safer location.

The problem with the Pagan Temple’s Dungeon Gatekeeper NPC not responding normally to a player without a mark has been corrected.

After the count for the Olympiad games begins, CP, HP, and MP are restored once more.

The requirements for becoming a Hero from a Hero waiting state have been changed as follows: Only a main class (not a subclass) can become a Hero, and only a main class above level 75 can become a Hero.

Various text corrections have been made.

Known Issues

Some European players may experience issues when attempting to log in to the Public Test Server if the default input language is not English.

The quest "The Name of Evil - 2" cannot be completed.

Some Shadow Weapons are missing icons in the Shadow Weapon purchase window and inventory.

"Overall Progress" is slightly cut off in the updater window.


This southern lady doesnt like to get her hands dirty, so if you provoke me and i kill you, then please... kindly, dont bleed on me.
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"The Wizard class attack spells have been changed to allow the target a chance to defend against the following:

* Wind Strike, Aqua Swirl, Twister, Blaze, Death Spike, Prominence, Ice Dagger, Hurricane"
***And Hurricane and Death Spike are our main attack spells Thandria Razz***


This southern lady doesnt like to get her hands dirty, so if you provoke me and i kill you, then please... kindly, dont bleed on me.
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